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Psalm concerning the Ungodly

MISSATICUM BIBLIA - Psalm concerning the Ungodly

Psalm concerning the Ungodly

Chapter 1

1. Proven writings to ensure faith and to encourage spiritual revolt against evil prevalence. Thus being affirmed, Lo, Timothy of wisdom and spirit, heed.

2. Thus says Levi, the righteous and wise. I look at the earth and see beauty but horror prevails and I ask "Why?" The answer will come soon. Amen.

3. In the 219th year after Israel broke away from Ephraim, we ascended upon the Mount of Egypt.

4. Yes, all you participants of time being, I say, Turn back. Change your ways from evil. Knowing that the percentage of you are vast and ruling to ignorance and deceit and corruption that will assure obedience of us pure, honest, genuine and worthy dwellers of the law.

5. On the contrary, you evil rulers and congregations of evil works shall only manifest yourselves and unbelievers for only a season. Hallelujah. The meek shall inherit the earth.

6. Your battle will disperse of the wicked, diseased, the unrighteous and forsakenly as well the righteous. But why the abandoned, you ask? Because these righteous congregationers are temples of hypocrisy and have become infected, so I have warned against.

7. These righteous forsakeners that I have condemned to death shall not be eternal death. Look, the day of judgment would categorize their dwelling in ever life. Understand. If you shall be a participant of this generation, in reference to your death, it shall not be of waste and condemnation but of gratitude and of holy cleansing.

8. look. You have been apart, a spiritual vessel, of God's prophecy. Praise God. Amen.

9. All you kingdoms and dwellers of wealth and power are but heavy-ladened with defeat. The plagues descending upon earth and time will creep into your boundaries as well. look. You shall surely beg for forgiveness. I am a jealous angry God but I am a forgiving God. Amen. Holy, holy.

10. All you that abide in man's law, you will surely be defeated into peasantry and other ordered works by the evil powers that heed to antichrist. Cast your ears upon the horizon for the thunder and the trumpets wail. I am meaning to not cast stones upon the hand that feeds you, however, rebel, rebel, rebel against the branding. Amen.

11. Thus says Levi, according to God's word. I looked upon the land from the Mount of Egypt. The world is fading quickly. God will judge you.

12. Why do the rich vex the poor? Is it because the poor attract jealousy from them? God says, Damn the rulers who take to trial my own poor. They shall enter eternal torment along with their god. Listen. The swarm is coming from the pit to sting those who oppress us. Hallelujah.

13. Now I see the truth. The fields are ripening quickly. O God, this is harvest time. But hurry for they may not endure until you come.

14. This is the sign of the time. New pestilence and deformed plagues are at the threshold of your existence. God said, Man's flesh will waste away in pestilence. Hold fast even though these come upon you. Join. For God will intervene to save his poor from this scourge.

15. From this mount, I see peace on the earth but from the heavens will come war, the final confrontation, not between boundaries of races but of wealth and not.

16. I see their houses from here and I wonder if peace exists within their dwellings for we know not. Peace is here but there, is there or not"?

17. I know that out of a thousand houses there probably is not one that is righteous. I see their prosperity but do they prosper with God? No.

18. But remember God will forgive for they know not what they do. Where has wisdom gone?

19. This ends the words of Levi. Amen.

20. Behold, these things I know. This is to reveal the accounts of the future that will come to pass, received by me by the holy spirit of time and to the ages without end. Take head. Amen.

21. Vow of Adam To Eve: Gleaming light from your soft eyes. Enter the dark corners of my mind. Your soft gentle touch of your smile causes emotions to have no sense of time.

22. Woman made from me, don't turn away nor look upon anything other than my face. I see good and laughter from day to day. Let me keep your heart now and always.

23. Walk with me as long as eternity will be. Let me lead you to undying light and love. If you agree and follow beside me, peaceful secrets will overflow from above.

Chapter 2

1. These are the words of Gregori which were given to him. I have been told by God to go to a deep thick forest alone. And that I will be visited by instructors from the third heaven.

2. In the state of meditation, I will acquire the wisdom and ability to carry out the prophecy of Christ. This will unfold upon the land just like a snake crawls upon the dirt. My meditation will help me identify with my purpose that God has ordained of me.

3. These Babel bastards will reap what they have sown. They have fornicated with God's children. God is going to use this meditation that is going to take place in a deep forest to give me strength and courage and condition me to carry out his will upon the synagogues of Nakash. Thus says the Lord of hosts. Amen.

4. The word of the LORD came unto me saying, This land will receive reckoning very shortly. The feathers will be plucked and handed over to another even mightier than you.

5. The king that comes will sell you out to this great enemy and many will be trampled under-foot for a span of time that is not to be compared.

6. Damn you, Amor. The days come when the man with three crowns changes the eternal law once again as he did in the days of night.

7. But I will spare my people this time. I will shorten your days from 1200 twelve moons to half of seven. I take pity upon my virgin bride.

8. Golgathi will return and lay waste on some of my holy ones. The gazing window will report this news to the pagans. My bride Henoch will be saved from most of the horror and desolation to come. The ark is preparing again, my servant Noe.

9. The wings of the cherubim hold back this time as of now but not for much longer. The seraphim awaits to deliver fire and punishment upon rebellious Amor. The LORD says to Amor, Love me and obey my law.

10. Why do the heathen play stones and sticks with whores and loose women? The mouths of prostitutes perform shame upon weak men.

11. These are the signs to observe before the punishment upon the unclean bird Amor: Shameful beasts will pleasure themselves from behind. Wives will desire ungodly heathen who are filth and have their beginning from the abyss. Wanton slayers of infants and children will rape the spirit from Caesar's slaves. Unruly men will forbid the acceptable offering. The land of milk and honey will become the land of milk and money; of this, it has begun already.

12. These signs are to come to pass, says the LORD. Our brother Paul warned of this before time.

13. According to the heathen time of the 21st of the 11th month, I left my profession in confusion. On the 21st day of the 12th month, the guiding hand of God led me back into it; for he sees that there is a good to this. The horror to come may be the reason. I do not know. The LORD is a mysterious God.

14. Now a parable. John's Battle With Satyr: John had three wives. One was Kush. One was Nephi. One was Lilith. A son was born from Kush. His name was Adam, but others called him Joseph.

15. One day, Lilith's son Rollo was sent by Satyr to lure Adam from John. John's God cut the strings of deception very quickly. Kush and Lilith now exist in harmony. Nephi had a son supposedly by John but it turned out to be the son of Nephil's own father Yubal. Nephi no longer taunts John for she has fallen out from him. Life for John is turbulent but the LORD will save him from deception for Joshua will be his rock.

16. A man asked me, Who do you think you are? Elias? I said, You mock me. Moses gave a commandment: You shall not witness falsely.

17. These are the laws of the LORD for the land of Amor:

  • You shall not have any other gods against me.

  • You shall not construct any statues resembling anything up or below or of any soul or honor them with your heart, soul or mind.

  • You shall not profane the name of the LORD to men.

  • Do not forget my Sabbaths, O Manasseh.

  • Honor and love your parents in the name of the LORD, so that death does not hover over you.

  • You shall never murder nor kill for naught.

  • You shall never be a whore or whore-monger.

  • You shall never take without asking or paying for it.

  • You shall never lust for things that do not belong to you.

  • You shall not lie nor be a tale-bearer.

  • You shall not consume the abominable.

  • You shall not act as a beast.

  • You shall not abort infants nor act as Lilith.

  • You shall not follow Molech and Ashteroth nor their wives.

  • You shall not commit incest.

18. Wash yourselves with the waters of repentance and be clean. Do not be a vessel for shades. God will destroy the phantoms for their lot is oblivion. Do you know we will judge the gods? The LORD sent us here to be kings and judges at his supper.

19. Listen, say the LORD. The days are coming that darkness will fall upon the land of Amor and Lilith will yell from her bed to kill their sons in the evening. The heavens will become hot because of the sun and Nakash will gaze from the hunter as a lion to kill what Lilith left for him. The number of days for the judgment will be 49 days multiplied by 42 years.

20. Woman, made from me, do not turn away nor look upon anything other than my face. I see good and laughter from day to day. Let me keep your heart now and always even at the end of time. Amen.

Chapter 3

1. From the voice in the wilderness, heed this warning. Thank you. Repent, repent, repent. Pray right now. Hurry, for the time is running out and your end is night. But yet 1,000 years will remain so that you, who are survived, shall bury all the earthly dead and witness God's final wrath and his awesome return by Joshua the messiah.

2. For those who think Lilith and truds are nothing but nonsense. They are doing the work of Nakash. Just because you do not see, does not make it untruth. This is the way of devils. They do not appear to show you the truth. They appear to children and innocent creations. Devils are at your side everyday.

3. You, who are in this generation, shall see great wonders and times of trouble with famine and plagues. Thus, so God's punishment will be released upon you as Nakash attempts his final temptation and all his miraculous power to easily convince you that you will not burn in torment.

4. Have faith in all, against the evil that you will witness. Like your nemesis that will be cast upon the earth and cause the world to end, so shall you be cast under it. Hence, it will be blood, fire and Sulphur. There is no place on earth to escape. Only the righteous and the faithful know the safe haven where you shall not be stricken.

5. Therefore, I say, Go there. Know the place when the trumpet sounds. The one place on earth which is safe is no not room for many.

6. Your wicked ways, ignorance, immorality and selfishness are in your blood for generations to come. You, your children and your children's children have succumbed to Nimrud; idolizing and deisms. Evil ones shall not pass in this generation before your end is nigh. Your synagogues are corrupt and so you have been ruined as Sodom and Gomorrah.

7. Timotheus wrote this as God gave him utterance. Amen.

Chapter 4

1. The devil works evil in the hearts of men twelve hours a day and twelve hours a night and twelve months a year, week by week. This is why his name, yes his hidden name, is Sametiwotufs.

2. Joshua said, All things exist in and with one another and will again be resolved into their own roots for the material is dissolved into the roots of its ways alone. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Petras said, Since you have explained all things unto us, tell us what is the sin of the world? Joshua said, Sin does not exist but you create it when you give in to your nature. Because of this, I came into the world to restore it to its root. Because of this, you come to be and die.

3. Hollow is a life of treachery when a woman partakes of the devices of Nakash. Her voice echoes like a bitch in the night among the deserts of the dead. His mind is not capable of understanding the desire of a man's love to his God.

4. She sits reclined and gazing by pouring the aroma of the mandrake into her breath. But my LORD, your love can teach me the ways of truth. I shall never walk alone in the world as long as you are there beside me.

5. Let all the abominable ones suffer your wrath so that they may see the love and sacrifice you have made.

6. It was in Jerusalem that Joshua and the twelve were keeping the feast. After Judah betrayed him and was killed, he lay in the tomb for three days and three nights. On the third day of the unleavened, he arose but no one knew of this until the Sabbath drew to a close.

7. Mary Magdalene discovered the body was not there and went to tell the disciples. My LORD, if only women were like Mary. If only they loved you enough to lead ignorant men to the truth of your light.

Chapter 5

1. The wicked ones are numbered according to their sins. The abominable will number 132,000. Those who break the ten laws will number 612,000. And those who are of Nakash will number 652,000.

2. Those who bow to the image will number 150,000. Those who honor Therion will number 244,000.

3. All the wicked that will be punished will number 2,636,000. There may be more before all is fulfilled. However, 659,000 will be given over to the four winds. Unbelievers will be separated and numbered the same. They number 28,000. They will follow the rest by separation among the four winds. The number of the wicked is 2,664,000 divided in quarters.

4. Now, I give you a hidden message. If you are wise, you will understand. The king of Amor is the door to the power of Therion. Watch. Repent. Pray. Amen.

Chapter 6

1. Thus says the LORD. The spirit of antichrist is here. The daughters of Babylon the whore have embraced her when her feast day comes. The LORD says, I hate your moons and feasts. I will end them all.

2. Heylel has boasted that he will bring down the congregation from his foundation in wrath. For three times and a half he will wage war. However, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Phanuel, Saraphael and Raguel are ready to blow the trumps of the LORD.

3. There will be hail-stones all ablaze mixed with the blood of the wicked. The blazing mountain will destroy the ports of the sea. Kernobl will fall and poison waters of life and many will die thereof. The great star of Tau will return which left a flood in the days of Noe.

4. Devils from the abyss will torture wicked men for 150 days. Four will lead 200,000,000 shades for 391 days and an hour. Then the kingdoms of the earth will belong to the LORD and his son, Joshua. But this will not go well with the heathen for they will be angered. But the LORD will plague them with sores, blood, heat, darkness and drought. Then the war will come; the third and final war to end all wars; and the world will war but not for long.

5. There shall come the son from the east with thousands of his holy hosts of heaven to render judgment upon those who sit among the green trees eating pigs, mice and everything abominable.

6. These shall be thrown into the fire and become ashes and, lo, worms will be in their flesh and they shall feel this thing forever. Yes, they shall die a horrible death.

7. The LORD knows their thoughts. He knows of the masses they keep. He knows they have eaten the broth of unclean meats. He also knows the thoughts of lust in the hearts of men. He will not allow them to go unpunished. Belial forever captivates the world but not for long. He will be brought down to the pit and be chained there for 1,000 days.

8. During the day of the son, all who have breath will rest and be given eternal life. After Belial escapes, he will unleash his mighty devil Gog, the master of Magog, for a final battle. He will be defeated by fire. Belial will be burned from within into nothing. Forever will he anguish in the place of the dead, the sea of sulphur.

9. After this, a holy rest will come upon the messiah and his followers in order that they feel not the pain of the purifying fire of God. All things will be burned up and the earth will lie in silence for less than one half hour. The earth will itself be renewed to eternal life. Then all will awaken from their holy rest and the new city of God will appear, for this city must descend upon purified ground in order to be holy forever.

10. God will dry all tears and the holy ones will live in peace and love with Joshua forever and ever with no end to glorious everlasting life. Amen.

Chapter 7

1. And Kanaan became the father of Heth. The people of Heth began calling themselves Hitti or Chitti. When Alexander conquered Asia, the Chitti went north and west into Europa and then sailed to a new land. They changed their name to Chatti.

2. There, they built a temple called Tenochittilan with 13 levels of heaven and nine steps to the underworld. They practiced heathen rituals and tore out the hearts of their human sacrifices.

3. One day, their god appeared to them in the form of a winged serpent. In this heathen tribe resided a righteous man named Chattoatl who was inspired to denounce the worship of the serpent god of the Achittics. Chattoatl prophesied saying, The men from Gaul will come and bring plague upon your heathen tribe. The God of Eber cursed us for our father's sin but now calls us to repent and believe in the one who manifested in Jerusalem and died for even us. The curse is no more for he left it in the place of the dead with the phantoms. He arose as a new creature and so we should rise in newness as well.

4. My brothers, repent and be washed so that this coming invasion does not catch you unaware. Denounce Quetzocoatl and his ways and turn to the true God of Jacob.

5. When he said this, the Achitics took him and laid him upon the altar of the temple of Tenochittilan and cut out his heart. It came to pass that all Chattoatl said was fulfilled. Here ends the testimony of Chattoatl unto the Achittic people in the new land.

Chapter 8

1. Soothing hours of light reflect the warmth of the word above. He guides the hearts of men alike with undying and wondrous love.

2. He knew us and we knew him but we left to fulfill a Father's plan. We were in ignorance and this is why we became man.

3. Lessons to learn and things to bring us into his own perfection. Some of us do not learn and it is a shame that he gives them rejection.

4. Soothing hours of light reflect the tenderness of the one above. He guides our obedient hearts, souls and minds with his eternal love. Amen. 

This ends the Missaticum Biblia, or Book of Messages.

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