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Is Jesus Christ God?

At Les Versets Bibliques we love and adore YESHUA HA MASHIACH with all our heart, soul and spirit. To Him alone our respect, allegiance, love, praise, and appreciation. He who never sinned, the sins of all his people have been imputed unto Him. He who never broke the law, all our offenses have been brought against Him.

He is the cause of our existence, for without Him there is no us.

À lui la gloire dans l'éternité, Amen!


Jesus: God or Son of God?

To understand who YESHUA is and the role He plays in the fulfillment of YAHWEH's divine plan, it is crucial to think outside the palpable, visual and tangible framework... 


Is Jesus The Firstborn?

Many times people use the phrase "Firstborn" as proof that YESHUA is the first man created by ELOHIM. However, is this truly what the Bible teaches? ...


Was Jesus praying to God?

Why would YESHUA pray to the Father if he is God. Isn't this a contradiction? No, there is no contradiction...


Was Jesus really abandoned on the cross?

For centuries, this declaration of abandonment has caused great religious debate. Scholars disagree with the illogicality of this verse because it calls into question the omniscience of YAHWEH as well as YESHUA's Godhead. How could God abandon God? ...


How was Jesus crucified?

YESHUA's death on the cross is a real event recorded in the annals of that time, and later authenticated through numerous testaments.

Originally reserved for slaves, it was the most dishonorable death imaginable. Under ancient Roman penal practice, crucifixion was also a way to expose the low social status of the condemned...


What is the meaning of "Jesus became sin"?

It is not uncommon to hear some pastors preach that on the cross YESHUA became Sin itself, in other words He became everything that is abominable, vile, despicable, monstrous, repulsive, etc... Is it really what the Bible teaches? ...


Why was Jesus tempted?

Due to the fact that YESHUA was fully human: a triune being (body, spirit and soul), Satan was allowed to tempt him on all 3 fronts....


Incompréhension du Jour du Seigneur

The Day of the Lord is a hope-filled concept for Christians, for on that Great Day, the Lord will appear in his glory and saving power to destroy the ungodly nations. However, the Bible also gives the following warning about the Day of the Lord...

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